Editing is not my livelihood, editing is who I am. I do what I do, because I want to be a part of sharing meaningful stories with people that have a positive impact on their lives. 


What I'm truly good at is really deep collaboration. I can take notes, I can share my opinions, I can handle criticism, and I can take ideas and concepts that may be hard to articulate and give them a voice on the screen. 


Not only that, but I'm really good at managing the room. My great strength is helping directors and producers come together and marry ideas into a singular vision. Because at the end of the day story is king, isn't it?


I’m very creatively oriented. I’m exceptional at reading performance, dealing with complex structures, and crafting each scene, knowing through experience that the final version of the story is created in the editing room. I also personally craft the music and sound so that they are married to the picture in an elegant and refined way to express the intent of the edit.


In short...any issue that comes up in production will not stop me from telling your story in post.


Within the first year of moving to Los Angeles, I was cutting indie features in the LA circuit with stars such as Lou Diamond Phillips, Danny Trejo, Lea Thompson, and Nicolas Cage.


I've recently edited on two breakout feature film successes. Inheritance, starring Simon Pegg and Lily Collins, was featured at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, and The Night Clerk, starring Tye Sheridan, Ana de Armas, and Helen Hunt, reached  #5 on Netflix’s Top Ten List. I've also been working in network television on Fox's event thriller NEXT, and have just finished editing on the second season of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist for NBC.


I’m also committed to mentoring and helping young editors achieve their goals in post and for the last two years I’ve been an ACE Internship sponsor and am part of the MPEG young locals group with the guild. 


I’m Los Angeles based and I look forward to working with you and sharing in this collaborative process  to create a phenomenal version of your story.